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Modals with complicated geometry, complex loads and boundary condition are difficult to analyse and evaluate in the terms of strain, stress, displacement and reaction forces by using theoretical methods. A given modal can be analysed by using Finite Element Method easily with the help of computer software ABAQUS CAE and can get approximate solutions. This report is about modelling two dimensional and three dimensional analyses with the ABAQUS CAE for plane stress, plane strain, shell, and beam and 3d solid modal elements. The report will show hand sketch, procedure to simulate and solve the problems, submit and monitor analysis jobs and view results using ABAQUS CAE software for different elements and compare with theoretical calculation. The result also gives the information of stresses and strains generated in the Plate and its deformation for different boundary conditions and loads. In addition, this report will analyse the data, compare results and validate theoretical results, this will help us to understand the software, its capabilities and accuracy.

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