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The importance of cryptography knuckle down to the security in electronic data transmissions has gained an essential relevance during past years. Cryptography security mechanisms uses some algorithms to muddle the data into unreadable text with a key which can only be decoded/decrypted by one who has that associated key for the locked data. Cryptography techniques are of two types: Symmetric & Asymmetric. In this paper we’ve used symmetric cryptography method-Advance Encryption Standard algorithm with 200 bit block size as well as 200 bit key size. We’ve used 5*5 matrix to implement same 128 bit conventional AES algorithm for 200 bit block size. After implementing the algorithm, the proposed work is compared with 128,192 & 256 bits AES techniques in context with Encryption and Decryption Time & Throughput at both Encryption and Decryption ends.

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