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A mother, with new born baby if needs to be away from baby due to employment, household work, shopping, etc. in that case health status intensifies the stress for mothers. The number of approx. 7,00,000 life births in the world is overshadowed by a large number of infant deaths for various reasons like apparently life threatening events (ALTE) or sudden infants death syndrome (SIDS). Continues monitoring of physiological parameters and notification updates is need of current scenario. Child health status is important aspect and health monitoring system is ultimate solution for that. The new era wearable technologies can be easily adoptable for monitoring systems. Wearable health monitoring system with fully integrated sensors can sense the physiological parameters and accordingly, synchronize the real time data to user application. The mobile application will help user to get real time body temperature and heartbeat count of the baby. It will also provide health and report analysis as well as emergency notifications.

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